Elk Hunting photo

A surveillance camera outside John Lindgren’s home in Portland, Ore., recently filmed a hooded person pouring elk urine into his car’s ventilation system, OregonLive.com reports.

The vandal emptied two containers of frothy liquid at the base of the windshield. Lindgren, a manager for United Grain Corp., a wheat exporting company, wrote in a crime report that he believes he is being targeted by members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union because of his involvement in an ongoing labor dispute with them.

Last year, five other cars owned by United Grain employees were damaged with similar foul-smelling scents. However, since there’s no proof the vandalism is related to the labor dispute, some are questioning whether the elk-urine saboteur is actually a United Grain employee trying to frame the Union — something United Grain spokesperson Pat McCormick vehemently denies.

“I’d do a lot of things for my company,” he said, “but I probably would not pour elk urine into my ventilation system to make it look like somebody was targeting me.”