Earlier this week, Karen Weaver, from New York, hooked and landed an all-white blue marlin while fishing out of Los Suenos, Costa Rica. She was fishing aboard the 43-foot Spanish Fly and fight lasted an hour. Weaver, along with her husband Bob, Captain Juan Carlos Zamora and mates Carlos Espinoza Jimenez and Roberto Salinas, quickly realized they had something special on the line when the fish made a series of several jumps, many of which were caught on camera.

Though most of the online sources are reporting the marlin as albino, the marlin may be leucistic — it appears white because it has a reduced amount of skin pigments — according to Pete Thomas Outdoors. This is evidenced by its eyes, which look to be normal colored rather than the red typically found in albinos . Whichever the case, the white blue marlin is so rare, most experts agree these are the first photos ever taken of one.