Two teenage boys recently made their catch of a lifetime when one of their Rat-L-Trap lures snagged a bag full of money. Mark Spicer and Dylan Crumbley thought they initially had a turtle latched on to the end of the line. They dragged the bag to shore, looked inside, and found $10,000 of red-stained bills, permanently damaged from an explosive dye pack, ABC affiliate WTVC reports.

Amazingly, the boys were able to snag another sack of money from the same area while Rhea County Investigator Mike Owenby was on the scene to inspect the catch. The bags are likely loot from a botched robbery that took place last December.

“Supposedly one of the suspects jumped in the trunk of a car during the getaway when the dye packs went off,” said Owenby. “They said he nearly died, trapped in the trunk when those dye packs went off.”

Owenby believes that since the red explosive dye packs made the money unusable, the thieves weighed the sacks down with rocks and pitched the loot into the water. The perpetrators have since been arrested.