A family fishing near Prince George, British Columbia got a close look at killer whales in action when sea lions swam alongside their boat, using it as cover to escape the orcas, Global News reports.

This short clip filmed by Travis Twizell shows at least four sea lions swimming in the wake of the boat and directly under the hull while five orcas make arching dives and take positions around the boat’s perimeter, preparing to attack.

“It was a little nerve-wracking. We were not sure if the sea lions were going to jump into the boat, because the killer whales followed them over,” Twizell told Global News. “You could see the three big whales backed off, and the two small orcas started to hit against it and take it down. You could tell at that point it was a total hunting training exercise for those babies.”

The whales eventually injured one sea lion while the other three made it safely back to shore.

Warning: Video contains explicit language.