Turkey Hunting Gear photo

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read to “take a mountain bike turkey hunting.” It’s a great idea in theory that rarely pans out in real life, due largely to the limitations of the bike itself.

The tires on a typical bike are too skinny to maintain balance at slow speed, much less get traction on a sloppy springtime trail. There’s nowhere really good to carry your gun or bow, and riding while wearing a turkey vest is difficult. Most mountain bikes are painted in gaudy colors, too. That’s OK if you’re a spandex-wearing granola cruncher (or just riding for fun), but turkeys do not like bright, shiny things. Usually, you’re just as well off to walk.

But then I met the Cogburn CB4 Fat Bike, which I review in the video below. This thing is built from the ground up to be a hunting machine. It’s available with numerous accessories, including gun and bow scabbards and a trailer hitch. Learn more at Cogburnoutdoors.com.