The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has announced it will allow wolf hunting 365 days a year on private property in the state’s northern Clearwater Region, an area that stretches from the Salmon River to the Canadian Border.

IDFG made the decision last week during its annual meeting on proposed changes for the upcoming hunting season. IDFG Clearwater Regional Supervisor Dave Cadwallader told the Associated Press the change was largely made to give landowners the ability to protect their property.

“It gives them an opportunity to help themselves if that is what they need,” he said. “In the end, I don’t think you are going to see an active hunting effort.”

The IDFG also voted to allow road-kill and salvaged wildlife as wolf bait and moved the opening of wolf-trapping season from Nov. 15 to Oct 10 in several units so trappers can take advantage of milder weather and have an easier time reaching trap lines in areas where elk numbers aren’t doing well.