Whitetail Hunting photo

There’s something mysterious in the Mississippi sky watching the deer on Rainer and Edith Shattles’ land — or is there? That’s the question the couple is asking after a series of images captured by a trail camera on their property in the Cumbest Bluff area in Jackson County show mysterious lights appearing and disappearing above unsuspecting whitetails.

“We have unusual things happen around here that happen, but it’s usually associated with our grandchildren. But this case, we didn’t know what it was,” Edith said. “I was looking for a nice buck to be showing up on the trail camera actually.”

Hoping to find some answers to the mystery, the Shattles have shared the images with family and friends. They even took a reporter from ABC affiliate WLOX deep into the forest to the site where the photos were taken.

“Well, if it’s alien, I’m not sure about that. But it’s definitely a UFO. Now whether it’s a government drone or what, I wish if nothing else, one of them would step up and say, ‘Yes, that’s ours,'” Rainer said.

What do you think? Is E.T. scouting for new tree stand locations, or is there a simpler explanation?