A Florida woman was attacked by a bear in her garage on the evening of April 12, Orlando Sentinel reports. Terri Frana, who lives near Lake Mary in Seminole County, saw two bears in her driveway and, knowing her children were riding bikes nearby, went outside to check on her kids. She went into her garage where she found five bears eating her garbage. One attacked her, biting her head. The bear tried to drag Frana away but she escaped into the house.

She also sustained bite marks to the arm and leg and claw marks on her back. She required 30 staples and 10 stitches to close the wounds to her head. Frana is expected to make a full recovery.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said the bite and claw marks may help them to identify the aggressive bear, which they will euthanize if they are successful in trapping it.

The attack occurred in the same day the FWC issued a warning that mother bears and cubs would become more active with the coming of spring weather. As human populations expand in central Florida, conflicts between people and bears are on the rise. Lake Mary is in Seminole County, which recorded 44 bear nuisance reports last year.