PETA is asking the Iowa Department of Transportation for permission to construct a memorial to turkeys killed when the semi truck carrying them tipped over early in the morning of April 12,

The animal rights group wants to put the memorial up for a month at the crash site. The 10-foot tall memorial would feature an image of a turkey and an inscription urging people to go vegan so no more animals would die in truck accidents. The IDOT does not permit memorials of any kind and the request will be denied.

The accident occurred when driver Marko Dmitrijevic lost control of his truck and struck 10 parked cars as he drove through Sioux City. He was cited for driving 55 mph in a 35 mph zone, and DOT officials speculate the load of turkeys may have shifted, tipping the trailer.

According to PETA spokeswoman Sophia Charchuk, PETA has tried this stunt before and been turned down in California, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Oregon, Virginia, and Wisconsin.