Angler Jason Downs was working a hooked grouper from his kayak when a bull shark broke the water’s surface next to his kayak and stole the fish.

He was fishing off Florida’s Navarre Beach and managed to film the incident. He said the fact the shark stole the grouper made him more angry than scared.

“To be honest, my first reaction was anger,” Downs explained in an email to GrindTV Outdoor. “The reason I muted the video after the shark took my grouper was not because I was cussing out of fear; it was because I was cussing at the shark for taking my grouper!

“Grouper are one of my favorite fish to eat, and due to them being tough fighters that live near structures on the bottom that can easily break you off, getting them up in a kayak is more of a challenge than it seems! I get this grouper up ‘out of his hole’ and this shark just comes along and helps himself to MY dinner, and that made me angry.”

Such a close encounter with a shark would send most people paddling for shore, but Downs decided to do quite the opposite — he dropped another bait, hooked the shark, and let it tow him around for a few minutes before reeling it close enough to cut the line.