New Hampshire snowmobilers Bob and Janis Powell captured a run-in with a moose on video last Friday. The couple was riding a trail near Jackson, Maine when they encountered the moose. Moose frequently use the trails and ordinarily run away from snowmobiles. This moose turned and charged.

Bob Powell jumped off his snowmobile and tried to keep it between himself and the moose but had to make a run for his wife’s machine. Janis fired a pistol shot into the air which seemed to dissuade the moose from further attacks. It wandered off the trail and into the woods, leaving the Powells shaken but unhurt.

“I knew what size gun I had and that I might make it even more angry [if I shot it],” said Janis Powell. “”We both have a new appreciation for moose and wildlife in general and will definitely be keeping more of a distance.”