Last week an unexpected guest showed up at the Antlers hotel in Vail, Colorado. A calf moose wandered through the lodge’s doors and relaxed in the lobby for a few minutes before wandering back out and down the street.

The Vail Daily reported the calf, estimated to be about a week old, was separated from its mother and was being chased by some children when it sought refuge inside the hotel.

“He just ran right into the lobby and was in there for about 10 to 20 minutes,” said Katie Nelson, Antlers conference services manager. “He looked like a newborn, and we were looking around to see if the mom was around. Once he got inside, he just laid down and calmed down. I think he was tired and glad to be away from all the people.”

Wildlife officials had to tranquilize the calf and transport it to a facility in Fort Collins where it’s receiving care along with another orphaned moose. Because the calf is separated from its mother and had so much human interaction, Upper Roaring Fork District wildlife manager Kevin Wright said it likely won’t return to the wild.

“At this point, its future is undetermined. It’s unlikely that we’ll ever be able to release it back out into the wild because of all the human interaction it’s had, and when they’re that young, the experience imprints on their mind,” said Wright.