Squirrel Hunting photo

Every day, thousands of pool cleaners across the country scoop dead bugs, birds and other creatures from people’s pools. Most probably don’t give the critters a passing thought.

But when pool repairman Rick Gruber recently discovered a ground squirrel drowning in a Phoenix, Arizona pool, barely clinging to life, he sprang into action, performing CPR on the rodent until it miraculously came back to life. What’s more, he filmed the resuscitation with a small camera, and the footage of his efforts has since gone viral.

“I would do it for anybody; a rodent, a dog, a cat. Anything,” Gruber told CNN, though he admitted he stopped short of any mouth-to-mouth breathing.

At the end of Gruber’s hour-long video, the rodent is seen running back into the Arizona desert … possibly into the strike-zone of a hungry rattlesnake.