Two women walking their dogs in Blackhawk, Colo., survived an encounter with an aggressive moose last weekend. Jackqueline Boron and Ellen Marie Divis were both hospitalized for injuries they sustained when the moose attacked them behind Boron’s home, CNN reports.

The moose took the women by surprise.

“All of a sudden, I looked up and he was looking right at me and grunted and then charged,” said Boron.

The moose hit her in the chest, knocking her down and then stomped her repeatedly. Boron sustained four broken ribs and injuries to the head and leg that required stitches and staples. The moose continued to attack, preventing Boron from getting up. Divis, who was also injured and bleeding, was able to escape and summon help. When the moose finally gave her a chance, Boron was able to get up and move from tree to tree and make her escape.

The presence of the dogs may have triggered the attack, according to Jennifer Churchill, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman.

“Moose don’t like to have dogs anywhere near them,” she told USA Today. “They will stomp the dog or follow it.”