Authorities in Montana have confirmed that a 10-year-old male grizzly was responsible for injuring a hunter this past weekend in a remote region of the state.

Andrea Jones, education manager for the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks in Bozeman, told the Missoulian that the man, whose name wasn’t released, received serious injuries when the bear attacked him about five miles from his camp while the he and his father where hunting for black bears in the rugged terrain near the Centennial Valley in southwest Montana.

The hunter’s father reportedly heard a gunshot before finding his injured son, though at the time, he wasn’t sure if it was a black bear or grizzly that attacked. Medical personnel transported the man to a hospital in Dillon. He received treatment for serious, but not life-threatening injuries. Once stabilized, an airplane flew him to Seattle for additional treatment.

This past Monday, the father led a team of bear specialists, a game warden, and Forest Service personnel to the scene where they found a grizzly boar dead of a gunshot wound. A full investigation is ongoing.