Two winters ago in this space a reader told me I had “an Iowa fetish” after I’d posted several photos of Hawkeye State bucks. Well its time to spread the love (or psychosis, depending on your view) a little.

I’ve already profiled two great Wisconsin bucks this week, and now I’ve got some more. I can’t help it that huge buck pics from the Badger State keep landing in my inbox, and I also can’t stop my neighbors to the East from tagging behemoths with a frequency that borders on the startling. I’m just a conduit, folks…


Click here or on the photo to see more giant Wisconsin bucks

The first giant pictured above is of a gorgeous, symmetrical 5X5 shot in Buffalo County and rumored to gross-score in the 190’s. Click here to check out a gallery of the rest.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to look for another state to pick on.