Whitetail Hunting photo
Whitetail Hunting photo


The January issue of Outdoors Magazine–a periodical covering hunting and fishing in the Northeast–asks the question “Can the beautiful women we see on television really hunt, or are they just selling sex appeal?” The magazine also promises to “shine a spotlight on the steamy world of women and whitetails.”

I’m a little confused about this question. “Can these women hunt?” Of course they can hunt! They are on camera, in the field, pursuing and killing deer.

The implied question is a little more troublesome. “Do these women actually have hunting skills, or is the camera just on them because the producers know pretty women will attract male viewers?” I happen to know a couple of the attractive women featured on outdoor TV and they are both serious and highly successful. They may have been introduced to hunting by their husbands relatively recently, but what does that matter? Do we require the men we see on these shows to submit a 30-year resume of hunting accomplishments before we’ll watch them?

No we do not. We watch them if they are engaging personalities who portray hunting in what (to us) is a positive light and entertaining. If they do not, we tune them out.

But, as I’ve noted in previous posts, I’m no big watcher of outdoor programming, so maybe I’m the naive one here. Are there women on these shows that insult your sensibilities? Do you feel blatant babe-ism is a problem in the world of deer hunting tv? I’m anxious to hear your thoughts!