Whitetail Hunting photo

Earlier this month, a Connecticut archer arrowed a spike buck in a suburban hunting area, and of all the places the deer could have gone to expire, it wound up in someone’s backyard–and of all the backyards, that of Lynn Gorfinkle, CEO of Animal Rights Alliance in Redding.

The hunter knocked on the door, asked permission to recover the deer, and was promptly shot down.

From The News-Times:

_If someone’s going to eat that deer, I want it to be natural predators,” [Gorfinkle] said. “Not some hunter. . . .

_”My husband told him to just go away, he couldn’t have the deer. . . .”
Gorfinkle. . . said she snapped photographs of the deer where it fell as it died, then flipped it over and took more to document the cause of death: a lethal lung puncture.

“It was a crime scene, in my opinion, the minute that it was shot,” she said.

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