Trail Camera photo

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I’ve spent my share of time monkeying with trail cameras and, just as when I’m hunting, I’m looking to “shoot” the nicest buck I can find. But when I capture that photo of the buck I’m after–or better yet, one that surprises me–I’m faced with a dilemma: Do I share the pic with friends, or keep it to myself?

Last week, Wisconsin bowhunter Dale Schumacher shot a potential state-record non-typical whopper. Now a trail camera pic (above) has surfaced of the deer … one not taken by the Schumacher, but a hunter who frequents the same neighborhood.

The owner of the cam-pic was reluctant to share what he had (for obvious reasons) but now that the buck is dead, the photo is out there. When I saw the pic I got to thinking about sharing photos, and I wondered “if I had a pic of a buck this large, whom would I show it to? No one? A hunting buddy or two? Or would I take the teaser route and send it around with a message like ‘See what I found! Guess where?'”

How about you? Do you share cam pics with friends and family, or keep ’em to yourself? Does the size of the animal have any influence on whether you show it off or keep it to yourself? Anxious to hear your thoughts!