Whitetail Hunting photo

My friend Tim Herald just sent me this picture of a dandy buck he’d shot recently in Oklahoma. Tim is host of the TV show “The Zone” and, in addition to being one of the few celebrities I know, is an excellent hunter. His job “forces” Tim to hunt all over the country, and the man is a big-buck magnet; one of those guys who just seems to have game run to him. If Tim wasn’t such a nice guy, I’d hate him.
Since Oklahoma rarely gets the exposure it deserves as a whitetail destination, I thought Mr. Herald’s deer would offer a nice chance to talk about deer hunting in the not-so-popular places. I get besieged by photos from Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Wisconsin…And I love getting every one of them. But let’s face it, whitetails grow all over our great nation, and I’d like to know how the hunting has been in the not-so-famous spots.

So chime in, you folks who hunt the places not normally featured on tv. Send us a report on your gun hunt, your bow season, your muzzleloader safari. If the hunting is great and the bucks are huge, I promise I won’t tell Tim Herald!