From the Dayton Daily News:
[The buck] Brian Stephens . . . shot on opening day of the [Ohio] deer gun season last week (Nov. 30). . . is a huge 18-pointer with one main beam of its rack possibly the largest for any whitetail ever recorded – 35 inches. And once the antlers are officially scored, it is likely to be an Ohio record for a nontypical deer killed by a muzzleloader.

The rack will be green scored by Boone & Crocket scorer Mike Wendel of Botkins today, Dec. 9. Once it has dried, 60 days from now, it will be officially scored. There’s a good chance it will measure out with a net score of about 235 inches.

“The main beams — as far as my research has been able to come up with — are the longest main beams ever recorded on any deer in history,” [taxidermist Rick] Busse said. “Seeing a deer with main beams over 30 inches is rare. And I think the record is 33½. These are both over 34½.”