_The Ohio House and Ohio Senate are looking into changing the regulation of deer farming from the Ohio Division of Wildlife to the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

The Division of Wildlife is not taking the potential change lightly.

In the Senate, Bill 225 was introduced by our own Senator Bob Gibbs, R-Lakeville, while Mark Okey (D-Carrollton) is leading the House charge, with state Rep. Ron Amstutz (R-Wooster) a co-sponsor.

Basically, HB 410 and SB 225 want to take away the regulating of captive cervids (whitetail deer and other deer) from Division of Wildlife, which has been, for the most part, successfully monitoring hunting preserves since 1953 and deer propagators since 1994, and transfer the authority to the Department of Agriculture._

What do you think? Should captive deer herds (and, by extension, high-fence hunting operations) by regulated by the DoA or the DoW?