Outdoorsmen understand better than most how special a place can be. That place could be a narrow stream with native cutthroats, or a grand river with rainbows and browns. That place could be mountain valley with elk, or desert canyon loaded with chukar. Places like this are special in their own way, but they also share one important trait in common, which outdoorsmen realize quicker than most: They’re all wild. This year, Field & Stream partnered with Trout Unlimited to showcase the Best Wild Places. Together, we traveled to six spots out West to experience some of the best hunting and fishing and most spectacular wilderness in the country.

We have a couple of goals with this series: First, to inspire you to visit these places. After all, they belong to you. Every acre featured in every story and photograph on this blog is on public land, and should be enjoyed by every one of you. Second, we hope to raise awareness. These are all places that have managed to remain under the radar, which is a good thing because it means they’ve largely been left alone. But it also means they’ve not been given the protection they deserve. Consequently, each place faces some threat–be it development, energy disputes, or politics-as-usual–that has the potential to rob future generations from the chance to experience the landscapes and wildlife.

Check back all summer for videos, photo galleries, and reports from each destination. And then, do yourself, and the land, a favor. Go there and see just how special these places are–just the way they are. Wild.