Rut Reporter Rich Landers, a native Montanan and life-long hunter, is the outdoors editor for The Spokesman-Review in Spokane. He has written several books about the western outdoors and has hunted whitetails all his life. States covered: WA, OR, ID, MT, WY, CO.

Oct. 27: “The bucks are getting very antsy now,” reports Brian Beisher of Big Buck Outfitters in Sheridan, WY. “I saw two make scrapes yesterday evening–scrapes are rare in our area. I saw one buck chase every other branch antlered buck out of the field–although the chaser and the chased were not older than 3 1/2.

“Some young bucks are showing interest in the does, but the old ones know it is still a long way off. It is getting close, but probably only the false rut.”


Beisher demonstrated the affinity whitetail bucks have for staying in their home range with a photo of a hunting client with a fine whitetail buck, shown above after being harvested in late October, paired with a trail cam photo of the same buck, still in velvet, coming the area’s food plot in August.