Poking around on Facebook the other day I came across the Scientific Anglers fan page and found this fascinating image of a fly line magnified under a scanning electron microscope. Cool, huh? It amazed me how hollow, fibrous, and full of air bubbles it is.


I also found this 500 Frame Per Second video of caster Mathias Lilleheim casting “with an analytic fit to the rod to analyze it’s shape during a cast.” Also pretty interesting slowed down that much…

It got me thinking, what do other brands of fly line look like under a microscope? What would other rods cast by the exact same person with the exact same amount of line out look like at 500fps?

We are curious about what you folks would want to see tested in the realm of fly fishing gear. We’ve done the motorcycle reel test, but are contemplating doing more and taking them a bit further and from a more comprehensive and scientific point of view. What’s important to you? Knot and line strength? The viscosity of reel lubricants? Rod strength? Hook durability? Let us know…