I was planning to do a post on that most charming of SHOT Show phenomena, the Booth Babes (because, really, the women hunters blog can’t leave that discussion to the men). But considering that it’s Inauguration Day 2009, I can’t imagine blogging about anything other than the 44th President of the United States.

 We've talked about now President Barack Obama on the blog before, and I realize his support among our readers is divided at best. But while the post-inauguration news analysis examines everything from the President's rhetoric to the First Lady's wardrobe, I thought we'd cut through the banter and revisit what then Senator Obama told Field & Stream editor-in-chief Anthony Licata during a 2007 campaign interview.

 Asked if he supported the Supreme Court's ruling on gun rights, Mr. Obama replied that, "the Second Amendment is an individual right," and added, "I am very mindful of the fact that sportsmen in America may have gone hunting with their fathers, their grandfathers, their mothers, their grandmothers, and that this is part of a tradition and a way of life that has to be preserved. And there's nothing that I will do as president of the United States that will in any way encroach on the ability of sportsmen to continue that tradition."

 On a lighter note, when asked about his own outdoors pursuits, Mr. Obama said that most of his fishing experiences were confined to his childhood growing up in Hawaii. But he also mentioned that he loved hiking and was considering some post-election plans: 

 "One of the pleasures of being a presidential candidate has been traveling all across the country, and we spent quite a bit of time in Montana recently. And I've got to say that I am absolutely certain that one way or another, after this presidential process is over, whether -- because I lose or because I win -- and I've got a little vacation time coming, I'm going to learn how to fly fish, because that land is spectacular." 

 Until that day when the 44th President does have time to pick up a fly rod, I hope he'll protect the waters and lands cherished by the sportsmen who currently do. Among other rights that certainly need protecting. -K.H.