Jeff Kennedy spent the last year of his life drawing and painting a fly a day in his studio in Algonquin, Il. I’m not quite sure how we missed this truly inspiring blog for the last year… The images are totally unique and it’s mind blowing to think that Jeff came up with something this beautiful and original every day of the year. He now has a hard-bound available with every one of the creations that can be found here.

After glancing through some of the entries I noticed something else that I have to admit caught my eye a bit before a lot of the flies. Brook, Fly Fishing’s original pin up girl.

Jeff states, “The one area of drawing and painting that I would like to improve on is the human form. I would like to take some life drawing classes and work on my gouache renderings of the human body. My goal is to create a calendar with Brook in various fishing situations. Landing a trout, sunning herself in a float tube while catching blugill or fighting a leaping tarpon are just some of the ideas.”

Get on it Jeff! We’re all waiting.

I’d say he’s doing all right from the only image (above) I’ve seen. I say we all encourage Jeff to paint a “Brook” a day. Ladies, if you want a man hunk email Jeff and let it be know.

We’ll keep you updated on Brook. Have a great weekend.