Hunting Dogs photo

Okay, now that we know some of you would stick your hand in an alligator’s mouth to save your dog (see yesterday’s Discussion Topic), here’s a simpler question: Do you take your dog fishing with you? Well, not any more if you fish Montana’s Smith River.

From the _Great Falls Tribune:

_Rover will have to stay home on next year’s Smith River float.

_[Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Park released a new plan Monday that] restricts dogs on floats to hunting dogs during hunting season and to service dogs. . . .

“The pet issue generated the most public comment,” said Chas Van Genderen, FWP’s Parks Division administrator. “We heard from people who view dogs as an important part of their Smith River float experience, and we heard from floaters who observed dogs running loose on private land to harass livestock and wildlife. Others shared concerns over barking dogs and dog excrement in boat camps.”

Your reaction?