Catfishing photo

I’m not touching this one, except to say that this is bound to lead to a constitutional amendment defining the meaning of the term “couple” so that folks can run catfish derbies without confusion.

From Oregon’s Baker City Herald:
A gay rights group has accused the Huntington Lions Club of violating Oregon’s anti-discrimination laws by refusing a couples’ discount to two lesbians who entered the Club’s annual Catfish Derby this May. . . .

_Mike Raney of Huntington, a Lions Club member and chairman of the catfish derby, said his decision to deny the $1 couples discount to the Corriere-Gooches had nothing to do with their sexual orientation.

“I wasn’t making any statement against lesbians, I’ll tell you that right now,” Raney said Friday morning. “I have nothing against them at all. I was just trying to run a catfish derby.”

Raney said he refused to give the couple the discount because he figured that if he did so he would have to extend the same offer to other pairs of anglers of the same gender, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Raney said he will write an apology letter to the Corriere-Gooches._

Okay, have at it.