This Tuesday I caught a bunch of false albacore on the fly. They were boiling all around the boat. Ten of them would follow a hooked fish. Backing was stripped and knuckles nearly busted. Sounds great right? Of course it was, but the trip target was bluefin tuna. Let’s just say that bite left a bit to be desired. Rather than pound sand over it, I found a day-saver in the albies. Day-savers, in truth, have made for some of my most memorable trips.


A fishing day always needs to start with a solid plan, but I know too many people that lose their cool when that plan goes to crap. Some of those people would have sooner gone home than catch (inedible) false albacore for the fun of it.

I fished a river in Alaska last summer known particularly for giant rainbows. Well, I couldn’t find any of them and quickly got more interested in fighting chum salmon than continuing to look. I was dead tired when the day was over, and it remains one of the most epic fishing experiences I’ve ever had with countless chums landed. Finally, I’ll forget about stripers real fast when big bluefish are just hitting anything you throw like a freight train. I’m not too proud to love the underdogs.

So what’s your biggest day-saver species and do you get flustered when the target doesn’t show? I’ve gotten pretty good at making lemonade out of whatever’s biting.