In the past I’ve said that marlin and mako sharks are, in my opinion, the two most dangerous fish you can chase. Or at least the most likely to cause you bodily harm during the fight or once in the boat. Now I’m not so sure. Asian carp may be a contender.


In this photo (which you can click on to see more), Chris Brackett of Brackett Outdoors in Mapleton, Illinois, assesses the damage inflicted to his fiance Jodi Barnes after a carp jumped and caught her in the face during a bowfishing trip. Turns out the sucker broke …

… her jaw, which will now be wired shut long enough that you’d never want another smoothie or straw full of blenderized mac and cheese again when it was over.

Brackett’s outfit specializes in “extreme aerial bowfishing.” The boat stirs up the fish. They leap. You kill them in mid-air. Pretty neat, but when 25 carp go airborne at once, you’ll want a helmet, a cup, and apparently a mouth guard wouldn’t be a bad idea. To see a photo gallery of this mayhem, including the actual impact shots of Jodi getting smashed, click here or on the photo.

Have you ever shot carp out of mid-air? I’m thinking I’d like to try it, though I might be more worried about getting whacked than shooting fish.