Yikes! It has been a year just about to the day since I began posting this blog–fishing fun, facts, and fancy over my first cup of coffee in the morning. One thing that has most impressed me is the quality of the comments folks have posted in various responses over the past 12 months. There are lots of thoughtful anglers out there.

Given that, I have a question for you. Consider this post as an open suggestion box. Then tell me what you’d like to talk about or fishing questions you’d like to ask. No, I haven’t run out of topics. The range and variety of all fishing is such that blog-size possibilities are literally unlimited. But I’d like to hear from you.

I could cover more trout fishing, for example, or more bass. Freshwater or saltwater. Surfcasting or boating. More details on spinning tactics perhaps? Anything and everything having to do with fishing is fair game. Any fish. Any tackle. And at any season. So speak up, and don’t be bashful. General ideas and specific questions are both welcome.

As usual, I already know what I think. I’m much more interested in hearing what you think….