Still reporting live this week from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where we’re on vacation and fishing for stripers between platters of fried clams. The weather has been outstanding; highs in the 70s, bright sun, and just a little breeze. As it turned out, that breeze was key to yesterday’s fishing.

We launched our skiff in a large harbor area that also features a salt marsh and lots of small grassy islands that are flooded at high tide. Thanks to the breeze, I could set up long drifts along the island edges where the boat could move silently just a short cast from the grass margins. We’d sometimes see stripers slapping baitfish in the gentle current, but took more fish just by casting blind.

Mrs. Merwin did most of the fishing. I did most of the guiding and boat-running. A small chartreuse Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow did most of the catching, fished on 8-pound spinning gear that allowed even small bass to give a good account of themselves. Every time she caught a fish, I was just as happy as if I’d caught it myself.

Well, almost as happy. The discussion last night was something like,”Honey, why don’t you learn to drive the boat today, and I’ll do a little more fishing.” So that’s today’s plan. We’ll see how it goes. Stay tuned….