While float-fishing Montana’s Yellowstone River for trout a while back, I noticed this extremely odd sign. “Adopted by…” signs aren’t that unusual, of course, as when the local Rotary Club has “adopted” a short stretch of highway as a public-service gesture. But a team of foot doctors at a boating access?

The river’s shoreline at this, the Grey Owl Access, is pretty much all round, slippery rocks. Cobbles here range from golf-ball size to soccer-ball size. It’s a hard place to walk. It is, in other words, a really easy place to sprain your ankle or fracture a toe while getting out of a drift boat.

So I wonder if the good doctors run out there at night to grease the rocks where unwary boaters will disembark the next day? For a podiatrist, that would be a really novel way of drumming up business. Or maybe their sign just takes advantage of a naturally difficult situation.

Or maybe it’s just coincidence that befell the medical team as they tried to be public-spirited. Could be….