Fly Fishing photo

Think you have a unique way of fly fishing? I’m sure it doesn’t top this in regards to special techniques… I watched this video first over on and felt I had to share it with everybody over here on Flytalk.

I have a love hate relationship with needlefish on a fly. They’re aggressive as hell, but impossible to hook. If you’ve ever fished in the salt there’s a good chance a needle’s taken a swipe at your fly. 99% of the time you can’t hook them. Their mouths are tiny, bony, and full of teeth – making it…

…ridiculously hard to set a hook in them. Perhaps I need a kite, outrigger, and a giant spider friend that I pillage silk from on a regular basis.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.


(Video clip courtesy Vimeo and a BBC/Discovery Channel show called “Wild Pacific” that’s airing now on Animal Planet)