It’s a little warmer today, so I’ll have the boat out on a local lake testing some gear and trying to catch a few late-season bass. First, though, I’m checking a list, printed in large type and pinned up just inside the kitchen door where I can’t miss it. Call it a reminder list for a forgetful fisherman.


My wife made the list for me after various excursions when I complained bitterly about having forgotten some essential. There are some items–anchor and Coast Guard-mandated safety gear like flares– that stay on the boat all the time. But there are still myriad small things I have to remember to bring.

You guys can do me a favor. Look this over and tell me what I’m missing.

“Day Trip Boat List: Wallet, fishing license, and cash; boat key, bucket, camera, cell phone, electric motor controller, fish-finder gear, flat cushions, fleece jacket and pants, hat #1 and hat #2, insect repellent, lunch pail (full), PFDs, rainwear, sunblock, sunglasses, tackle, tool box, water bottles, weather radio.”

Mostly I think I need a new brain that remembers everything. But short of that, any suggestions?