Some of you who read Kirk Deeter and Tim Romano’s Fly Talk blog may have picked up that I paid them a visit in their home state of Colorado a couple weeks ago. A trip to beat up some rivers with these guys was long overdue. As often happens on a “Hook Shots” quest, the wind follows me. This trip was no different, but we persevered, had a blast, caught some fish, and even got chased by a moose.

This episode would not have come together so well without Kirk and Tim’s help. I owe those guys. Not only did I get a crash course in Colorado fall trout fishing, but learned that if Kirk is making you authentic Chicago-style hot dogs, he’ll go as far as to wear a white paper dog-vendor hat while doing so. Tim, I found out, will sleep in 40mph winds in a tent with the thickness equivalent of a garbage bag so his guest can lounge in a comfy tent that won’t blow off the canyon rim. Good times all around. Oh, and we had lots of extra footage which I’m sure will end up in their blogs.

Hope you enjoy the show. — JC