Bass Fishing photo

Here’ a Thanksgiving story with a fishing twist.

Noted bass pro Mike Iaconelli has for the last year or so been sporting an especially obnoxious-looking (to me, anyway) goatee growing from underneath his chin. Now he’s cut away the beard, which he’s auctioning on eBay to benefit a school for autistic children.

The auction starts tomorrow at 9 p.m. Find it by searching for “Ike’s Beard” on eBay. I give Iaconelli lots of credit for doing something for kids in need. But I also have a couple of questions. What do you suppose the beard remnant will go for? $100? $1,000? The fact of its being for charity will doubtless help, but I have no clue as to what the bids might be.

Second, if you were the winner of this thing, what would you do with it? Hang it on the wall? In looking at the video, I can see that I’d be tempted to tie it up as the ultimate bass jig or streamer fly, but maybe that’s just me being weird. Any other ideas?

Meanwhile, do have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend. I’ll see you right back here on Monday….