In fact, it was done three times this year by the cast and crew of Expedition Great White, a National Geographic show that follows avid billfish angler and TV fishing personality Chris Fischer.

The crew hooked, subdued and tagged white sharks with special radio antennae by hand for tracking purposes, took DNA samples, and measurements for research. Seems that once Fischer and his crew hooked and landed the first fish he immediately called his friends at the IGFA and asked them what the largest fish ever caught and released alive was. Their figures suggested somewhere in the 2000 pound range on recreational tackle. The first white shark they had on board was estimated…

…by length and girth to weigh approximately 4,600 pounds.

Not many people catch great white sharks on fly rods – except maybe by mistake like our friend Conway Bowman. Something tells me that if Bowman hooked one of these bad boys there’s nothing a wimpy little fairy wand is gonna do. I know, this isn’t really a fly fishing related piece of news, but I couldn’t resist the video, and hopefully their research will help these magnificent endangered species and possibly other large pelagic fish out in the long run.