Should I go or should I stay? That’s the question…

The past couple of years I’ve been lucky enough to spend a couple of days near the end of January in New Orleans fishing for giant redfish with Captain Gregg Arnold, the Holeman Brothers, and the crew at World Angling Media. Last year was especially good with multiple days of epic fishing and many reds over twenty pounds landed. Even better, Deeter couldn’t make it, which meant I got to steal his spot at the front of Gregg’s boat.

This year Deeter is going, and he’s bringing a friend. Which means I’d have to wrangle up one of the Holeman brothers as a guide, find a place to stay, and, obviously, buy a plane ticket.

My question is; should I go and skip four days of work (putting myself behind the eight-ball early in 2010)? Or should I do the responsible thing, save some money and stay home?

Enjoy the video and if you ever find the yearning to visit one of the coolest cities in America and catch huge redfish on a fly, do yourself a favor and look up any of the characters in this video. They are sure to show you a good time in the Big Easy.