I’ve been sitting here on the last day of the year bashing my head against the keyboard, thinking what to post about. It should be eloquent and thought provoking, right? Problem is we all know that Deeter’s way better at that stuff. Heck, I call him half the time for punctuation and grammar questions. Besides, it’s my day to blog.

Perhaps it should be something really standout like a whole seasons worth of photographs. Like the spring, summer, and fall slide shows from the past year. Probably not going to work either… You folks have seen all of those shots.

Then I started thinking about …

how lucky I’ve been to have shot stories on fishy things for Field & Stream. Ranging from my friend’s steelhead operation in BC, or the aerial stocking piece on the Colorado DOW.

Reading Mr. Merwin’s post yesterday got me thinking. Resolutions are good things (I think) and if I’m going to do one in regards to fishing in 2010 it’s going to give back to this great sport and all it’s given me. Not with money. I’m simply going to teach anyone who shows the slightest bit of interest in fly fishing how to do it. Perhaps give them an old rod or reel and get them on the water. I’ve had plenty of gluttonous days on my own. It’s time to give back. The more people we have involved in fishing, the stronger our conservation, land management, and fisheries will become.