Congratulations to all of you who participated in Fly Talk’s Caption Contests in 2009… we had fun. You can count on us doing many more in 2010 (and giving away more prizes).

So, without further ado, the winner of [the last contest in 2009](/blogs/ how-fish/2009/12/write-caption-win-prize-last-contest-2009), who wins a Bass Pro Shops “The Strike” Xbox game, is …

Actually … there isn’t one winner. There are two!

Buckhunter chimed in right off the bat with “Guess which hand the fish is in.” Way to go buckhunter, and thanks for being a loyal Fly Talker all year. Seems appropriate that you win on an Oregon steelhead photo, because I don’t think you’ll have many fond thoughts
of Oregon after Friday’s Rose Bowl, but we’ll see…

And winner number two is MLH, who said: “Steelhead, eh? I’ll show you a steel head.” You had me at “eh”… spoken like a true Michigan steelheader.

Guys, if you E-mail me at, we’ll see that you get the prizes.

Happy New Year to all!