As I sit in the frozen Rockies, I often find my mind wandering to far-away, sunny saltwater fishing locales. While most fly fishers daydream about tarpon and bonefish, I’m finding myself more and more fixated on snook.

Snook might be the most under-appreciated saltwater fish of all, but they have all the attributes a fly fisher could ask for… they attack flies with reckless abandon… they live in tangled mangrove gnarls that demand your best cast… and they fight like thugs.

The Everglades National Park is a great spot to catch snook, but if you’re looking for the monsters, you have to go to Central America. My buddy Trapper Rudd of Cutthroat Anglers in Silverthorne, Colorado, and Sporting Life Adventure Travel is always on the front end of fishing discoveries, and he’s dialed in on a spot in Mexico that will blow the snook fisher’s mind. Check out the video and you’ll get my drift. Don’t miss the last fish caught in this clip.

And stay tuned next week for a heads-up on an exploratory trip Trapper has cooking in southern New Zealand…