Does 2010 sound as futuristic to everyone else as it does to me? I only ask because I was alerted to a new application for the iPhone yesterday called Mosquito Repellent. Apparently opening this app and tuning to a specific frequency by projecting sound via the built in speakers repels mosquitos.

Sick of those pesky mosquitos out on the lake? Open that 15th pocket on your fishing vest and crank up the volume on that iPhone!

I must say I’m intrigued. I hate slathering on bug repellent, but can’t help wondering if a stupidly expensive electronic device and water really mix. Could this be the answer next summer when the mosquitos are thick and you’re patiently tying on a size 20 bug? What if the frequency scares away all the naturals those 24 inch trout are slurping?

The reviews seem to run the gamut from people who think it’s a joke with comments like, “the mosquito was laughing until I used my iPhone and smashed it…”, to more appreciative fans of the product.

What do you think? Fact or fiction, can a phone repel mosquitos? Have you used it? Would you?