Some of you may (or may not) have noticed I failed to post a blog Tuesday. Sorry. I was too busy saving my sanity by doing a little extreme winter fishing. All I can say is, man, did it ever feel good to bend a rod. I’m not going to tell you much about it because the outcome of this trip will be showcased very soon in the first “Hook Shots” video episode of the year. Although I’m guessing many of you will figure it out even though I carefully and strategically censored the photo below. But now onto what has certainly been plaguing your minds…the caption contest winner from last week.


The response to the vintage photo of the dead porpoise hanging on the dock in Florida was really great. I even got a few email requests to post more vintage photo caption contests, so I’ll definitely do that. As for this contest, it was hard to pick a winner because so many of your entries were smart and funny. But, alas, someone has to be the victor, and that someone is Dotcomophobe, who wrote “Sea World is no longer so aggressive in their species acquisition tactics.” Shoot me an email at with your name and address and I’ll send out your lures. Congrats!

I also received a few emails asking if I’d name my favorite runners up. No problem. I particularly enjoyed:

“Reggie was not going to deviate from his list of life-goal species no matter how much jail time was involved.” – GladeRaid

“Sea World: Going Out of Business Sale!” – IowaGuy

“That was the last time Bill was allowed to sit in the front row at Sea World.” -tcdowns

“I tried every lure I had and would you believe he hit on the Beach Ball ? Go figure !” – mr phil

“She didn’t want to swim with me, so I showed her how we do things!” – KansasHunter