Apparently Chile has a little problem with their farmed Salmon. Many of the fish have a virus that causes anemia, is infectious and leads to death. For the salmon that is…

Ashley Fantz with CNN is reporting that it only is found in Chilean farmed salmon and is not “harmful to humans”. This is according to the FDA.


According to Fantz, “More than 60 percent of all farmed salmon imported into the United States was from Chile in 2004, but by 2009 it was down to 30.1 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.”

She also goes on to say that, “Last month the government of Chile took steps to clean up the way it farms salmon, including moving fishing operations to a different area of the Chilean coast.” and, “that Chile was using medications and chemicals to raise its salmon that are not approved for use in either the United States or Europe.”

Uh, I don’t know about you folks but I’ve always been okay paying a little more for wild salmon for a number of reasons. That last little tidbit about medications and chemicals says it all to me. Yes, it’s expensive and I can’t always afford it, but this just helps me confirm my rationale. What about you? Will you continue to eat farmed salmon? Especially if its from Chile?