“Imagine a cylindrical tube in which you pack something,” says Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable Michael McLaughlin in this article from the Canadian Press.

“Within that tube there are end caps that have some tape on them.”

Okay, are you imagining it? You know what it is right? As unusual and menacing as cylindrical tubes and especially tape can be, I’m guessing most of you not only know what the good constable is describing and how harmless it is–but have actually handled just such a “suspicious package.” Too bad none of you was at the scene in North Vancouver the day before the Olympics when the mounties blew up–you guessed it–a packed-up fishing rod.

McLaughlin continues: “So the combination of the tape and the tube made for an object that looked very much out of the ordinary and necessitated the quick response we had.”

No doubt they saved the lives of many fish that day.