I found this video on Comedy Central comedian Daniel Tosh’s blog. The post is titled “Riding a Whale.” In it he writes:

“If fishing isn’t exhilarating enough for you, you can always take it to the next level and ride on one of the slowest animals in existence. That’s what this redneck decided to do. And even a redneck who can’t find the record button knows that videotaping a stunt and posting it online is the only way to prove it ever happened. Where they come from, “whale riding” is usually a whole different thing. But when a hick is out on a boat, it becomes a cheaper alternative to renting a Sea-Doo. Faintly, at the beginning of the clip, you can hear him say, “Hey, hold this for me.” We can be pretty sure that’s a beer.”

Does anyone else find it ironic that Tosh misidentified the whale shark as a “whale” while the alleged “hick” knew exactly what it was? It must be OK to ride a whale shark if you’re a wealthy tourist who pays for it, but if you’re in a boat containing fishing poles and don’t have an East Coast accent, it must be a redneck stunt. Also, I watched this twice and couldn’t find a beer anywhere.

Here’s my question: given the (possibly once in a lifetime) chance to ride a whale shark, would you have jumped in?