The past couple days here at home have been the first indications that we’ve turned the corner towards spring. I’ve got the fever bad, too…sporting flip flops, shorts and a T-shirt for those “balmy” 50 degree days. I can’t help it.

I figured everyone needed a little dose of “fishporn” to get all fired up for the season. Normally I’m not one for take after dry fly take when it comes to video, but RA Beattie’s new video short, “Chasing Hatches In Colorado” is just that. As you’d imagine there’s lots of dry fly action, but I’m more enthused with the fact that there’s leaves on tress and bugs larger than size 28 being eaten by trout.

The short is an outtake from RA’s new feature length movie called “Off the Grid.” Turn up the volume, break out those sandals and get ready for brand new season. We’re almost there…


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