A while back I wrote about a website called The site was, “inspired by two fathers who enjoy the sport of fly fishing and want to do their part in passing along the virtues of the outdoors to their children as well as the families within the online angling community.”

Last year they did a coloring contest with rods and reels for prizes, but it’s this year’s contest that really caught my eye. Fishykid’s new writing contest is for anyone 17 years old or younger. The winner will take home a $900 NuCanoe. The boat is described as sit-on-top kayak/sport canoe and looks like a fishing machine. You thought Deeter and I gave away some sparkly prizes…

The topic for the writing contest is: Why are the outdoors and spending time on the water so important to you? I thought all of our younger readers and everyone’s kids would like a shot at this one.

The complete entry rules are here.

Good Luck Kiddos.